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Our Completely Un-Unique Process
We would love to tout our one-of-a-kind, revolutionary business processes, but there is nothing at all revolutionary about the way swandivedigital approaches marketing and communications challenges. Fortunately for our clients, we employ established work-flow methods that have been shown to work time and again, allowing us to focus our creative energies on where it matters most -- their work.

Five distinct, but often overlapping phases, form the basis of the swandivedigital process:

Swandivedigital's business is to help represent our clients as accurately, appealingly and persuasively as possible. The more we know about a client, their industry, competitive environment and -- most importantly -- goals, the better the work we can create.

At the beginning of the Discovery phase, a cross-disciplinary swandivedigital team will meet with your key players to establish an initial rapport, and to identify and understand your business, branding, creative and communicative needs.

We will ask questions. And we will listen -- a lot. But we'll also do our own research on you and your competiors so that we may offer fresh perspective, new ideas and strategic recommendations to help you better achieve your business or organizational goals now and in the future.

The outcome of the discovery process will be a high-level plan, laying out achievable goals set within time and budget allocations, that guides all future design and production.

Throughout this phase, the swandivedigital team will offer direction culled from our collective experiences with branding, design and numerous online and offline media.

The discovery phase leads only to more questions.What visual language will be appropriated or created for the design phase? What will be the technical requirements for the project? What information will be required and what weight will be accorded it in the overall design? Which media will best suit the project's needs? How will these disparate elements best be integrated into the user's experience?

The Architecture phase is comprised of the design and buildout of project infrastructure. Standards are determined, detailed schemata are drafted where necessary; and appropriate vendors, technology and implementation schemes are selected.

The Creation phase encompasses the design, refinement and production of the detailed schemata developed during the Architecture phase.

Experienced visual and rich media designers, utilizing their expertise with typography, color, structure and proportion tackle the challenges of balancing form and function with medium specific requirements.

Digital or paper mockups are presented to the client and revisions and refinements are made in accordance with their wishes.

Regardless of medium, any design or marketing campaign is only as strong as its execution. During the Implementation phase, production artists and programmers, working from finalized mockups and detailed schemata, construct the primary project deliverable piece by piece.

For projects of an interactive nature, the Implementation phase often runs concurrently with the Creation phase. It begins the moment Development servers are set up and the first functional or design concepts are translated into hard code; and it continues through testing, re-testing, launch and post-launch.

For print-related projects, swandivedigital assembles print-ready production files.

Swandivedigital takes quality assurance very seriously. We partner with our clients to ensure that the end deliverable meets generally recognized design, editorial and technical standards as well as specific standards as determined during the Discovery and Architecture phases.

Design + Communications is an iterative process that doesn't end upon the launch of a campaign or web site.

Post-launch finds us back at square one, listening again -- to feedback and results. We study the piece's effectiveness and consider how to further fine-tune your message. Did your message reach the appropriate audience? How was it received? Was it persuasive? Are leads knocking down your doors and jamming the telephone lines? Should we explore additional mediums to solidify your message in all spaces?

How best to continue momentum is recommended, Phase Two discussions take place and new ideas are generated and explored.

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