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Identity and Branding
Exploration & Identification | Logo Design | Collateral Development | Cross-Channel Implementation
Sometimes swandivedigital is called upon to build an organization's identity from the ground up. At other times we are asked to give an existing identity a new face as the company grows and evolves. Either way, all swandivedigital identity and branding engagements begin with a Discovery phase in which we work closely with the client to define business objectives, identify unique brand attributes, and better understand or give guidance with respect to brand personality, tone and voice.

Subsequently, and always with an eye to the various mediums it will exist in, we visually explore various treatments of the client identity, including stand-alone wordmarks, symbols locked up with the wordmark, secondary typography and color palette.

Once the basic framework of the identity is established, we refine that identity into a suite of business materials, typically including business card, letterhead, envelopes, Fax transmittal, Word templates and Powerpoint Presentations. Additionally, if implementations in other media are required (i.e. a Website), we will incorporate the new identity into the design of those pieces or, if necessary, coordinate with other creative or marketing vendors to ensure brand consistency

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Graphic Design
Visual Strategy | Print Design and Production | Website, Intranet and Extranet Design | Rich Media
Whether entirely fashioning an organization's identity or integrating a specific piece into an already existing identity, swandivedigital always begins graphic design engagements by placing the work into a strategic context. Before the first line is drawn or the first pixel rendered, we'll ensure that we understand your business in general as well as the specific communicative or sales objectives of the piece.

Then the fun begins: design (especially the kind that completes the jigsaw puzzle of branding, communication, business processes and technology) is what we love. And thanks to our range of old and new economy experience across multiple mediums -- from print ads to online banner campaigns to websites to internal corporate communication campaigns -- there is little from a design perspective, actually, that we don't understand.

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Marketing Communications
Concept | Design | Editorial | Multimedia Production | Cross Channel Delivery
Maybe it's a Flash-based email you want to send out to your organization's key contacts, allowing them to attend an important meeting. Maybe it's a B2B postcard to shout out to other companies "Hey, look at us!" Maybe you just want to get your employees jazzed about a new productivity initiative being launched in-house, lest it defeat it's own purpose and become a financial albatross...

Whatever the specific goal, one thing is likely when it comes to marketing communication campaigns: you're trying to convince some people -- maybe they're hot leads, maybe they're employees, maybe potential partners -- that they should listen and they should do something based on what they hear.

Clear, effective communications that cut through the clutter and offer compelling calls-to-action are what we offer our clients. We offer end-to-end solutions from concept through to email or snail mail delivery to ensure that your message is not only created, but heard and acted upon.

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Website Development
Strategy | Design | User Experience | Technology | e-Commerce | Editorial Development
Swandivedigital is acutely aware of one simple premise when it comes to online engagements: Every single decision made about a Website can impact the bottom line.

Site look and feel, user flow and information architecture, copy and content, technological implementation, content management, even the sizing and positioning of navigational buttons -- all these elements must merge into a synergistic whole. Otherwise, brand experience, site efficiency and conversion rates can all be seriously compromised. It doesn't take a CFO to know that lost customers, lost productivity and lost sales mean only one thing from a business standpoint - lost dollars and cents...

At swandivedigital, all of our online engagements follow the same essential user-centered guidelines:

Make it useful. Make it easy. Make it efficient. Make it engaging. Make it trustworthy.

While swandivedigital is proud of all the design and communications work we do for our clients, we are particularly proud of our competencies within the online arena. From database-driven e-Commerce sales vehicles to Intranets to informational repositories for non-profit Foundations, simply put... we get it and we've done it.

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