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Practicing What You Preach...
Challenge: Help a leading non–profit reflect its mission in form and function upon its own website

In 2003, the Markle Foundation — a non–profit foundation at the leading edge of using technological innovation to improve people's live, and a long time client — came to swandivedigital in search of a facelift for their current website. They knew there was something wrong, but they weren't quite sure exactly what was wrong, so they commissioned us to perform a website needs assessment...

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Because Actions Speak Louder Than Logos...
Challenge: Visually re-think how a company can position themselves on the Internet and in the "real world".

In December 2000, Referral Networks was a promising company with an identity crisis. Funded by prominent Venture Capital companies Charles River Associates, Michael Dell and Hearst Media, they had grown at a breakneck pace. It quickly became apparent that they had outgrown their original corporate identity and they soon found themselves selling to larger corporations who liked the company, but were worried that the company did not seem "established enough".

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