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Swandivedigital announces Website launch for The Shubert Foundation
Easy-to-use, universally accessible site brings respected Foundation into the Information Age

New York, NY, July 23, 2002 -- Swandivedigital, a design and communications agency, today announced the launch of a new Website for The Shubert Foundation, a New York-based organization dedicated to sustaining and advancing the live performing arts in the United States.

With the launch of this, their first ever online presence, located at www.shubertfoundation.org, The Shubert Foundation has joined a growing number of non-profits in taking advantage of the communicative power of the online medium to better inform and assist potential grantseekers.

"The Shubert Foundation is one of the largest supporters of the Theatre and the Arts in the United States," said swandivedigital Senior Producer and co-Founder, Raphie Frank, "but they are not a huge organization. Like many non-profits, the societal good they accomplish is well out of proportion to the level of resources they have at their disposal. Our job was to create a win-win situation on both sides of the equation. Help grantseekers find the information they need while also relieving some of the workload internally."

To create that win-win scenario, swandivedigital from the very beginning approached the site with ease-of-use at the forefront of its design philosophy. On the front end, the site - clear, intutive and easily navigable - is designed in accordance with best practice usability principles and complies with widely accepted standards for Universal Accessibility. On the back end, swandivedigital implemented for the Shubert Foundation a robust Content Management system that allows even non-technical staff to make site changes quickly and without confusion.

Additionally, while ease of use was the first criteria in judging the success of the site, it also succeeds well on a visual level. Understated, modern and elegant, with liberal reference to the Foundation's proud tradition and history, the site provides The Shubert Foundation with an updated, modern image that can be built upon in the future.

"Easy to use doesn't have to mean ugly. And, in fact, studies have shown that attractive things actually work better." said Brian Reisinger, Creative Director and swandivedigital Principal. "A lot of designers focused on usability or technical integration seem to forget or be unaware of that."

About The Shubert Foundation
The Shubert Foundation (www.shubertfoundation.org) is dedicated to sustaining and advancing the live performing arts in the United States, with a particular emphasis on theatre and a secondary focus on dance.

In service of this mission, the Shubert Foundation provides general operating support to not-for-profit, professional resident theatre and dance companies, as well as some arts-related organizations that help support their development. Grant recipients must have track records of artistic achievement, administrative strength and fiscal responsibility.

About swandivedigital
Swandivedigital (www.swandive.com) is a next-wave convergence design and marketing communications agency specializing in brand conception and evolution, interactive design, and integrated marketing materials for online and offline campaigns. Swandivedigital's clients include emerging businesses seeking a distinct look, existing companies looking to "graduate" to the next level, and Fortune 500 companies with unique goals.

The swandivedigital mission: "Great design... on purpose" is based on the agency's belief that good design is fundamentally about effective communication - the intentional structuring of clear, aesthetically appropriate, persuasive visual and editorial messages to successfully advance social, personal or business goals.

For more information, please contact:
Raphie Frank, Senior Producer | 917.202.2610

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