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People ask us all the time where the name swandivedigital came from...

swan dive n
a dive performed with the back arched, the legs held together straight, and the arms outstretched.

Behind the Name
At the time swandivedigital was founded in December, 2000, during the frenetic and dizzying race onto web, there were only two English words we could find in the dictionary that had not already been registered with the dotcom directory. One was 'swandive,' the other 'floccinaucinihilipilification.' Both seemed memorable so we flipped a coin to decide...

By sheer coincidence, perhaps, the name is also apropos to what we do and how we began as a company. A well-performed swandive is a beautiful sight to behold - rapturously free and exuberant, elegant, yet meticulous and controlled.

Similarly, we like to think that the name captures the essence of our approach toward design and communications: The freedom and exuberance is in doing what we love and liberally exercising our imaginative potential; our creative style tends toward the elegant rather than the merely playful; and our process and commitment to accountability provides us with the necessary controls to offer solid business propositions. We may not be able to execute the perfect swandive when jumping into the neighborhood pool, but we strive to nail them every day with our clients.

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