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Geniuses, mavericks and iconoclasts wanted!
Five secrets to getting work at swandivedigital:

1) Be brilliant, and have the portfolio to back it up.
2) Dream big. Deliver on time. Don't bitch about it.
3) Have a sense of humor. About the work. About yourself. About basically everything.
4) An eclectic CD collection greatly increases the odds that we'll get along.
5) Did we mention you need to be brilliant, and have the portfolio to back it up?

Seriously, though...

We're proud of the work that we deliver to our clients and, more importantly, the people that make it happen. By bringing extremely talented and passionate people together in a creative and collaborative environment, we're able to help both our clients and our employees succeed. And we like to have a good time doing it.

While we're not currently hiring full-time staff, we're always interested in meeting and hearing from new people for future projects. If you're a creative, technical person, producer or any combination thereof, drop us a line at people@swandive.com. We'd love to hear from you.

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