What do a Task Force on National Security, hit Broadway Play, Human Resources ASP, Parisien Jazz Label and familiar sore throat remedy all have in common?

Well, not much really. But all had interesting design and identity challenges to address and came to swandivedigital, a New York City-based design company, for a solution.

Create great design... on purpose. That's our mission. It's that simple. And that complex. Because great art can happen by accident. But great design is painstakingly conceived, planned, and executed. It requires proper research and preparation; a clear understanding of the underlying business goals and the intelligent, targeted formulation of a message that will support those goals.

At swandivedigital we revel in our ability to make companies look great and to help them effectively and consistently communicate clear messages and strong brands across mutliple mediums.

Read more about our offerings and recent projects.

Identity and Branding
Exploration & Identification | Logo Design |
Collateral Development | Cross-Channel Implementation

Graphic Design
Visual Strategy | Print Design and Production |
Website, Intranet and Extranet Design | Rich Media

Marketing Communications
Concept | Design | Editorial | Multimedia Production |
Cross Channel Delivery

Website Development
Strategy | Design | User Experience | Technology |
e-Commerce | Editorial Development
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Help a leading non–profit reflect its mission in form and function upon its own website. In 2003, the Markle Foundation came to swandivedigital in search of a facelift for their current website... (more)